Jurisdictional initiative in Neshuya (Ucayali, Peru): designing governance and a shared vision for low-emission rural development are promoted

On April 25, 26, 27, and 29th, the District Municipality of Neshuya, in alliance with companies, producer organizations and non-governmental organizations, developed a shared vision and action plan for jurisdictional sustainability through district's agricultural value chains. This activity was part of the Neshuya Jurisdictional Initiative, led by the District Municipality of Neshuya with strategic partners including the Earthworm Foundation (EF), Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), the Bioversity International CIAT Alliance through the CGIAR Agroecology Initiative, Earth Innovation Institute (EII), and Solidaridad, participating through the Clima-Paisajes Project and Amazonía Connect.

The workshop achieved the following goals:

  • It developed and validated tools and processes to create a shared future vision for Neshuya with a landscape approach.
  • It built a participatory roadmap focused on four pillars: Environmental, Socioeconomic, Productive, and Governance. This will be useful to prioritize landscape activities and implement the Local Low-Emission Rural Development Strategy of Neshuya.
  • It consolidated a multi-stakeholder platform for landscape planning, investment, and monitoring.
  • It developed tools to organize stakeholders to ensure a significant supply of cocoa, palm, sustainable livestock, and other district value chains.

Activities were conducted using a jurisdictional approach, taking into account the characteristics and needs of Neshuya. It considered its prioritized value chains, and stakeholders. The results of this workshop are expected to draft a consensual roadmap and the Local Low-Emission Rural Development Strategy of Neshuya, which will be finally presented to the Municipal Council to prioritize public investment at the district level.

This workshop was partially supported by the Clima-Paisaje Project, funded by @Nestlé, and Amazonía Connect, an initiative of @USAID. #Nestlé #AmazoniaConnect #AREP #ZeroDeforestation #SustainableProduction #LEDRS #Neshuya #Neshuya