[REPORT] Traceability report for a free-deforestation cocoa production: Acopagro case

Acopagro is a Peruvian smallholder cooperative, with nearly 2,000 associates located in four provinces of San Martín. In 2022, Acopagro with support of Proforest and TFA developed a pilot to trace deforestation-free commitments of this cooperative in the cocoa supply chain. In february, the public report of this pilot was published.  

The pilot was carried out using the SEP ecosystem of services developed by Proforest, adapting it to support the implementation of the commitments. In addition, the pilot includes the reference framework to define compliance criteria, which involves carrying out a global benchmarking on the supply requirements of the main companies in the market and other similar multi-stakeholder initiatives such as Cocoa, Forests and Diversity Agreement.